Thursday, April 02, 2009 gotta love it!

this is why I love this season so much...........

1. you get to see one of your kids live a dream

2. they play the part right + wear their recent purchase from a local op shop! (tassled waistcoat)
btw I have unleashed a beast in Ruby when it comes to op shopping now!!

3. having our own pumpkin patch + there is still more..........

4. nothing but blue sky's

5. playing + having a picnic in the park on Sunday arvo.

6. celebrating Kev's birthday on the last day of March.

8. and lastly cooler days + nights to be creative. And these were for the lastest Ezine for SBO .
I was kindly asked by Andrea to create some LO's using the new range of BG Marrakech.
I had some fun!!

and just a reminder a new dare will be up on the dare site tomorrow night. It's a goodie + we would love you join in + play. :)
Also congrats to Rachel + Kate for making the creative team for the Autumn Retreat.
OK I need to link you gals up!!
take care


Sasha Farina said...

i want autumn now. . . so bad. i may need to move somewhere with 4 seasons :D

Tracy said...

Lovin those layouts Rachel and Ruby's waistcoat and hat!!

Leslie Ashe said...

LOVE your layouts girl!
Super cute pics too!

Chris Millar said...

Look at Ruby living out her dream!!! Bet that was a memorable day! She looks like a regular cowgirl in her get-up! Hope Kev had a super b'day!! Lovely to see you scrapping!

Gigi said...

oooh ruby looks fabulous!!! i LOVE the pink hat...such a stylin' rider she is! & i LOVE all the pumpkins! that is SO cool!

& i love what you've done with the BG marrakesh! the "school's out yay!" is my fave...those smiling faces just jump off of the wonderful!

enjoy autumn!!

chanel said...

great pics, i love your banner - that is a gorgeous photo! your scrapbooking work is great! luv chanel