Thursday, May 15, 2008

Turing 6!!

Big day in our house today as Ruby is celebrating her 6th birthday!!
She has being so excited for days + playing how many sleeps!!
So my baby girl is 6 - where did that year go!!??

Happy Birthday Ruby!!
may the sun shine down on you
may you find lots of rainbows at the end of your dreams
may you always have that special caring nature
may you always be a loyal friend
may you always make our hearts shine
always be you
happy happy you
love you always our scooby do!!

she was thrilled to find a pink CD palyer in her pressies this morinng!!
that made her heart sing, along with the Hannah Montana CD from my parents.

already jamming to it in her bedroom (which by the way made her miss the bus this morning)!! ;)

I have being away spending some special times with my mum without the kids.

she is very peaceful now + has no pain due to the meds. She has the hospice in everyday.

What amazing ppl they are + ever so helpful.

I was so glad I drove down on mothers day to spend time with her. We talked alot inbetween her falling asleep alot. I massaged her hands + feet. We basically just hung out + it was special time for us.

Her time is coming to a end but we don't know when + I value each time I get to see her or talk to her on the phone. Most of her days are spent all day in bed but she is comfortable + without pain - which is what we want.

today is slightly tinged with sadness as i know that she would be here for Ruby's birthday + helping me get all the party food ready etc.

how precious + special are our mums.

hopefully soon I might have some scrappyness to share.

mojo is coming back I know it!! :)

ok I've got a birthday dinner to cook now requested by Ruby!! :)


Chris Millar said...

What a happy birthday girl Miss Ruby looks like! Hope she had a terrific day and a perfect b'day dinner made by her special Mum!
My heart is sad for what you're going through Rach and I wish there was something I could do and especially wish I could drop round for a cuppa and a chat. Lots of hugs from the Millar family. xo.

Lissy said...

Happy Birthday Ruby :)
Glad you have been able to spend some time with your mum Rach...that is so precious...and good to hear the medication is working for her too...take care my friend :) Love to you all and know I am thinking of you xxx

Shani said...

I am so sorry to read on your blog about your mum Rach. My heart goes out to you. They 'are' Angels at the hospice. Love to you all and have a Beautiful day :-)

Anonymous said...

Rach Im soo sorry to hear about your mums illness and subsequent decline. These times are precious with your Mum and Im sure you have lots of friends to give you a hug and hold your hand while you go through this.
Big hugs from me..Delys
Happy Birthday Ruby too!