Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thank you!

to everyone that has acknowledged mum's passing + left messages for me.
and i just want to especially thank those that have sent me personal messages, cards + flowers.
Also to the ppl that I hardly know who have reached out to ask me how they can help.
I hope oneday I can return the kindness you have offered me during this time.
I've being blowen away by some very speical people who were there at the beginning when I found out mum had cancer, who have sent me constant emails, PM's, phoning + thinking of you cards. And some even cried with me. I felt you hold my hands + wipe my tears at times.
I feel truly truly blessed to know + have these girls in my life!!
You know who you are + THANK YOU!!

I know they say time is a healer + I do believe it is.
I could say I've being dealt a raw deal in the last few years to lose my brother tragically 7 yrs ago + now mum. But that's not how i see it.
I feel blessed + hououred that I was my mother's daughter.
A woman who had a lot of pride + lived through the loss of 2 of her children but still stayed strong.
A woman who had HUGE faith - I mean huge. Something that I just don't understand + even questioned her about it at different times in her life.
A LOVE for my dad that was amazing + took them through some trying times.
A woman who loved us kids fiercely + always forgave.
A 'Poppins' who loved her grandchildren with fun + silliness.
A loyal friend who cherised her friendships deeply.
A woman who was repested highly in her community + always gave her time.
A woman that will be deeply missed.

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Chris Millar said...

You have written so beautifully about your Mum here Rach! What a special lady.
Thinking of you.