Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a new addition!

and her name is Maggie Coco. But we will just call her Maggie. We had a few giggles picking her name while driving down to Welly in the car. Ruby loved Molly, Finn loved Coco + Taidhg loved Fluffy!! I was suggesting silly names like Bart, Homer, Moe, Crash .............but in the end Ruby came up with Maggie + we took a vote + it was 3 against 2 but we decided to be fair + add in Finn's choice of Coco in there too!!
So kev finally gave in + said we could have a dog but there had to be one condition that it had to be a Border Collie + pure at that too!!
So we found one at the end of last week on Trade Me. And even better she was in Wanganui + even better we were able to pick her up on our back from Welly yesterday.
She has one blue + one brown eye + her sight is fine. Her mother is like that too!
She is 11 weeks old.

So I guess I will be featuring a few doggie LO's now along with Donna!! :)
Thanks everyone for the warm thoughts in regards to my mum. Sadly when we got to Wgtn she she had to be taken back to hospital in a Ambo...........much to the kids delight!! So I spent the rest of the day with mum + dad at hospital + then mum got tranferred from the Hutt hospital into Wellington later that night. Bit of a bummer for dad as its very tiring on him. So Monday morning I basically hooned around doing a few jobs for dad + getting mum her BD pressie - a cardi........there are so many fantastic styles of them out for this winter + I just got her a light woollen one for sitting around in.
But good news in regards to mum's visit back into hospital.................she only has a infection from her wound. So she was hoping to be out today or tomorrow + hopefully now she can recover quickly form her op + start to regain a bit more quality to her life.
And lastly YEHAA for the rain!!
p.s Hi Steph!!
P.s.s have you all seen that Miss Chris Millar has cranked her blog back up...........welcome back Chris so please you're back in the blogging world!


Chris Millar said...

Oh yay! My girls are going to be so jealous, they are still asking for a dog! Maybe we'll just bite the bullet and get one.
Maggie Coco is so gorgeous! Our neighbours dog has those same eyes.
Sorry to hear that your Mum's wound did eventually get infected! Thanks for the blog toot! Have fun with Maggie!
Love Finn's mullet!LOL

Donna said...

Oooh she's beautiful! Shelby would probably be quite scared of her! Hope she doesn't have S's woosie timidness of other dogs!!
Lots of fun coming up for you. You won't regret getting her - they are amazing little almost humans!!
Hope your mum has a better time from now.