Friday, April 11, 2008

its Friday!!

how did that happen so quick!?

so have you checked out the latest dare? Its one very cool ad inspo come along + play. We have got some awesome sponsorship happening this year too!!
I sneaked in my LO for the childhood memory at the last minute the other day. Me, when i was 18 fresh out of high school, with 7 friends + 3 tents at Waihi Beach...........what a blast + what great happy memories they were!!

Used papers + lettering from SiS Kristina Contes collection + hummingbird, lace + umbrella are all from Qtea kits + tags from Elles studios.

And this LO I did using the March kit from SBO. Such fantastic colours in this kit. And perfect colours for my blackberries. At the moment we have got blackberries growing wild all over the farm + up + down the road side. We haven't had a lot over the last few years as we normally get the hedge cutters in + they wipe them out but Kev changed what time of the year we mow the hedges around now we have lovely blackberries again!!

Blackberries take me back to my childhood, where I would climb the fire breaks on the Eastern hills in the Hutt Valley + collect ice cream containers of them + so would my mouth too!! Funny thing is I don't like blackberry jam but love it just as a fruit. So when walking home from the cowshed one night after milking last mth I was inspired to run inside + get my camera to bring that memory alive again for me. Really got me thinking too about lots of childhood memories not people memories but ones of smells, sounds + sights that trigger those memories.

So the winter sports are about to start sleepins on cool Saturday mornings for us. We have got 2 this year playing a sport. Finn - rugby (his 3rd season) + Ruby - hockey (first season). I was surprised at Ruby wanting to play hockey as I've had nothing to do with. I was a netball player until my adult life. But maybe its coming through from her nana, who a Taranaki rep player at one stage in her life. She's dead keen + I questioned her if any of her friends were going to play + none are so I was really proud of her that she wasn't playing cause her little friends were. That girls knows what she wants I tell ya!!

Just a little update on my mum. She came out of hospital yesterday (we all thought she would be home in 2 days but almost 2 weeks later) after deciding that she wasn't going to sit in there for another 2 weeks with a tube going down her nose + as she said to me last night nothing has worked so far, so why sit through this again!! And she said that once she made her mind up she felt so much better + she ate something!! So thats so good. She will have a district nurse in twice a day + also there will be hospice care.

Just some thoughts I have being wanting to get down about how i feel about cancer.

Cancer is so selfish. It invites itself into our lifes uninvited. It drains the ones we love, as well as the ones who care. It doesn't care if you are young or old. It takes over + robs us all. The pain is not gentle, its is crippling + murdering. It affects 1 in 3 + thats not fair. There is no cure + death is the end. So please take care + remember those who are affected cause oneday it could be you or me.

Well lots to do today!

Have a great weekend all. rach


Lissy said...

So true wish you were not going through this as I would not wish it on anyone :( take care and know I am thinking of you :)

Chris Millar said...

Hi Rach, so sorry that your Mum and your whole family is going through all this. It definitely is a cruel thing. Look after each other.

Manon Keir said...

So sorry to hear about your mum!

Love the LO's rachel esp love the flowers on the yellow one, gorgeous!