Friday, January 06, 2012

handmade xmas

this year........oopps I mean last year I wanted to get into making alot of my decos.  Since I have a cupboard filled with supplies everything was at my finger tips!!
I had spied a few lovley ideas on blogs, pinterest + mags. 
First I went with the fun are these babies!!  Got me a few circles + a star from spotlight.
This is how it ended up. 

this bad boy was pinned to my cork board at front door

Ruby was busting to have a turn with the glue gun + pompoms she made this little wreath for us + as well a friend really admired it so Ruby made another one for her.

button trees
not such a new idea but after making these nearly 4 years ago + stealing buttons off them throughout the years I finally sat down + completed them before xmas
No more stealing buttons!!

checkout our newest pet........old pull-along........he was a mere 50c

then there was the netted garland. I got this idea from Your Home + Garden mag.
they used just white netting but I spied some lovely red polka dotted netting + just had to have!!
I would of liked the garland to be longer but I ran out of time + found a fun spot to drape it over.

and lastly.......yes another wreath.....but they are so easy + fun!
now I saw this fab idea via this blog
I didnt have a lovely collection of vintage decos like her........bit hard to source here.
so I just brought some fun decos from spotlight.  I think it turned out ok!!
Sadly I didnt have time to add a ribbon to hang as i made it xmas eve when I should of being cooking!!
But I laid it up against the computer screen + it did the trick.
I just added it to the cork board for photography purpose!

already looking forward to this years handmade decos!!

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Lara said...

great effort!