Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the well is dry!!

yes the sun is shining + shining..............and yes what a fantastic start to our summer!!
Don't get me wrong I love summer but we soooooooooooo need rain + lots of it!! I know the townies don't want rain + complain if we get a spit + their washing might get wet!!..........but hey guys we have already run out of water + had a truck load delivered 2 weeks ago!! Today we rang up to order some more water + we were told there is a 2 week waiting list + they are not taking any more orders!! I was shocked to hear this in our free country!! I feel desperate knowing we can't order water but lucky we can hook up to the farm well...........but that too is low!!...........so what happens to the ppl that have no extra supply!!??

So I have trained my kids up to only flush when they do #2's, use wipes to clean their hands + this will probably expand to their faces too, no more showers - back to bathing, I'll probably have to buy in some drinking water + I'll only be washing clothes that are really dirty!! OK i know this sounds extreme but we have to be real about this as there is alot of talk that we will have this fantastic weather for the next few mths!! And of course it will effect our business, which will then effect the local businesses in town..............and so goes on the ripple effect!!

So please do a little rain dance for the farmers + so I know i can have a short dripple of a shower each morning!!

hey while we live on a small supple of water we still know how to celebrate someone turning 6 in our house at the weekend!!

on Saturday Taggie + his friends hungout on the waterslide + ate party food + shared a spidey birthday cake (made by Kev)!!............. real easy party!! Then on Sunday it was his birthday........... we started the day out as Spiderman opening his gifts!!

then later on we went out for dinner + a play at the park!! I must say it was such a easy birthday!!

ok gotta run..........late for a xmas do!!

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Lissy said...

Gee hope you get some rain soon!