Thursday, November 04, 2010

new but old chair + the rest!!

after having a wonderful fabulous day with my lovely friend sitting in her vintage store drinking coffee + eating chesscake I spotted 2 amazing chairs!! I fell in love with them + knew they were meant to be mine!! Paisley has the most amazing shop + very interesting shop!! one week you can go in + there is a 1 person walkway to get through the shop + then on your next visit furniture is moved + a darling table has being set up with a retro table cloth - circles made up different shades of green, a retro tea set (which I would love to buy but its not for sale) + retro glasses. This was set up for me + another was wonderful + we sat + chatted while customers came in looking!! Sadly i didn't have my camera on me + I always carry my small camera around with when we do it again!!

So getting back to these chairs!! I took them home + went about pulling furniture around the room to get the right look. I can't show you the whole room yet as its not finished + I'm taking a sofa bed out - which really lives in the scrapbooking/office/ guest room. That room is another story + you can just barely get in that room. Its become the dumping ground!! And we have friends coming to stay this mth from the UK + my family are coming at I need to get my AintoG!!

the chair!!

I couldn't get over the condition of them.........they are in such lovely shape. kev reckoned the previous owners must of hardly sat on them. I'm going to stain the arms + legs black eventually. I had to buy the cushions as well!!

And my birdcage!! Its new but made to look old.

I've had the filing draws for quite a long time but they were just sitting in my scrap area doing nothing. So I paired them up with that little sidetable that I got when Tim my brother passed away 9yrs ago. I'm thinking I'm gonna spraypaint that black too! Now just got to get the perfect side board to go on other wall + get all my art work up that I have stored under my bed!! We have lived in this house for nearly 11yrs + these 2 wall in this room have no pictures or art work on them........not sure if I was scared how to do it or wanting it to be perfect!!??

A few weeks ago I decided to pull out our mircowave that hasn't being going for nearly 2yrs. We had decided not to replace it as I'm not a hugh fan on mircowaves + we hardly ever used it........mainly to melt butter or reheat things!! We never brought was a wedding gift!!
So I decided to make it a little area to place all my cookbooks in (as they were all lying in a shelf in the island + it always looked messy + did my head in!!)



I need to get the rest of that sticker off!! I love the filing cabinets + they are great for my handwritten recipes + ones I have ripped out of mags. And as this area is deep I have hidden behind the books more recipes books!!

And finally my extra egg holder. I've got one of those wooden boxes that looks like a mini hen house but its over flowing with eggs + I needed something else to hold those extra eggs. A kids red sandpit bucket just doesn't look good on the bench!! So I found in another vintage store locally a few mths back this lovely little enamel bowl. The eggs look perfect in there now + keeps the bench tidy!! I was told that Nest has put out a new range that looks like theirs is not as cheap as mine is!!

I just love the thrill of thrift shopping + the amazing treasures that can be found!!

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