Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today was a day to celebrate

12yrs ago I said YES to this fab guy!!

we got married down the road from our house in these gardens Te Popo. It was a fantastic summers day. Kev sung + played the guitar to me as I walked to him. (isn't he magic!!) My parents both gave me away.

I wore a pink wedding dress! Same shade + I had small flowers like this dress sewn on my empire line.
We had the best band!! As well as having such amazing talent they made their own instruments plz!! Such clever clever ppl. Kev had a wee jammin session with them too!!

It was a magical wedding. And I'm so glad I got to marry such a amazing man!!

So today we celebrated with my favourite breakfast ( i got to choose as I was making them).....pancakes!!

and then we all hung out for the day at home. Kev did have to milk so we couldn't go far. And then we wined + dined ourselves with the kids.........yes we took our beloved kids to dinner with us!! Infact they make the day even more special !!........did I just say that!!

But hey I haven't shared my exciting news.............on WEdnesday night we went to the More FM winery tour .........which was awesome.........but afterwards we went into town + hung out at a small bar + some of the band members from the concert arrived + then Che Fu rocked in!! They had a big jammin session with only about 40 of us!! Ok with out sounding too corny it was really cool!! He just ad libbed + was singing about the ppl in the bar was very cool. Well worth getting home at 2.30am!!.............btw I didn't suffer as I was the driver + lets just say Kev is still recovering!!

But on a sad note we received some very sad news when we got home from dinner that one of Kev's school mates passed away suddenly in Aussie. RIP our thoughts + prayers.

Right looks like I've done another midnightner!!............not good being Monday tomorrow + a busy week!! Lots to do + lots planned..........might even find some time to create!!


Lissy said...

Happy Anniversary Rach & Kev!

Trina said...

Happy anniversary guys! What a great photo and sounds like an AWESOME time out both times.

Sasha Farina said...

sorry for your loss, on a happier note.. what an awesome way to celebrate. love your breakfast.