Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wwoohhoooooooo 2007 here it is............

and checkout this photo of my kids at the beach on New Years Day after dinner..........Ok better credit Kev who took this photo!!

and one of Ruby (I took this one)

and one of Trouble!!! ...........lol

so what will 2007 have in store for us all??? I feel excited about this year + what it may hold for me personally + my family. Do you have any exciting plans for 2007? Watch for the next issue of Up2scrap of my 'Hopes + Dreams' for 2007.

So in the scrapping world of 2007 keep on a eye out on SBO what exciting new things we have got planned - new online classes with some guest designers + some of our fav designers Chris are back + don't forget the FAB kits designed by the design team + you can always be in for a chance to work on a kit each mth + don't forget the 'Get Real" comp + the fab prizes you can win!! First prize a Circut + 2nd + 3rd prizes are nice generous vouchers to spend at SBO !!!

Lots of lovely new product coming in + if you haven't heard Andrea is heading off to LA in a couple of weeks to checkout CHA + all the hot new products!! Imagine being there amongst all that goodness :)

hope all of you that have being on a holiday had a fab time + those about to trek off on their holiday have some FUN in the sun for me!!!

I'll leave you with a LO that I scraplifted from the CK issue May 2006 of Jamie Waters. I did this for a mini crop we had on SBO at the weekend. Just remember to trim it down to 11 before start creating.............lol...........yep I did a typical dorkie Rach thing!!! Its all fixed now minus the tip of the middle heart but it looks OK!!!

its raining but at least we got the hay in last night!!!

ps who is liking the new blogger? Much more friendly user now!!! Can move pics around again YAY!! Good for thicko's like me.............lol


Lara said...

LOL Rach. I don't like that I'm always having to sign in with the new blogger! cool LO & great photos with your new toy :-)

Donna said...

Love the photos. Happy New Year. I'd better look at changing to the new blogger!! The old one is driving me crazy.

karen said...

Love your action photos. Making the most of the canon400d fast features!

nic said...

nice photo kev :o)

Megan said...

Rach I think you BOTH take amazing photos! And I love your lift...just gorgeous.

Megan xx

lucy said...

great shot Kev!!!!

jacqui jones said...

woohoo a post lol
love those photos u took...they r beautiful
lov eyour page
and yes new blogger is great

Andrea B said...

I made it! Awesome photo's Kevin and Rach. I'm guessing mine shold do the same but maybe we should try anything but automatic .. LOL!